Sunday, February 13, 2011

That Bad Boss is Bad For Your Health

I think we've all known this at a gut level for a long time. Always nice to have research confirm the gut, though.


Homophobia's Negative Effects on Heterosexual Relationships

There are lots of articles out there on the ways in which society defines masculine as "not female or feminine." Joe's post is a thoughtful look at the, also prevalent, "not gay" definition.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The More Invested You Are in Your Job, the More Stress

"The odds of having high stress were greater if workers were managers or professionals, if they thought their poor job performance could negatively affect others, or if they worked long or variable hours."

I'm filing this under "I could have told you that."


22 Uses for an Altoids Tin

The headline says 'manly' 'cuz the blog is called "The Art of Manliness." Personally, I'd call 'em 'crafty'.


Change Your Perspective to Access Your Smarts

This is really timely for me. Just a couple of days ago, I was musing over my tendency to face difficult problems by first assuming they were too much for me, stalling, and then battering through them. Most of the time I end up kicking ass or at least doing OK, so why the pattern?

This research gave me something to chew on.


Lovely Photos by Lissy Elle

These are lovely and very clever.


The Cone of Shame Becomes a Lamp

This would be hysterical in a vet's waiting room.


Cordelia Fine on Gender Research and the 'Straw Feminist'

This is a wonderful piece on the political and social attitudes that color scientific conclusions and reporting. Well worth a read.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Five Myths About Grief

I'm happy to see the researchers questioning the Kubler-Ross' stages of grief. I know firsthand that well-intentioned people wanting to stuff you into the stages just adds to the mental load. I kept thinking I was somehow doing grief wrong when their expectations didn't match my internal experience.


An Interesting Addition to the Legalization Discussion

"Cannabis use appears to be associated with an earlier onset of psychotic illness."

Hmmm... It'll be interesting to see what future research turns up in terms of the link.


Objectifying Gaze Lowers Women's Math Performance

I'm trying to decide whether this should make me feel really bad for having been a female math major with good grades. :)


Testosterone and Empathy

" administration of testosterone under the tongue in volunteers negatively affects a person's ability to 'mind read', an indication of empathy." Interestingly, the additional testosterone has more effect on subjects who got a higher dose of testosterone pre-birth.


Oh. And before everyone jumps on the guys for "testosterone poisoning," the subjects were women.

Interview Strategy

This is very clever. Start your interview by asking them why they wanted to bring you in. They'll keep trying to justify their own high opinion of you as the interview continues. Definitely gonna try it next time I interview.


June Cleaver's Stock Drops

"Domestic skills in a partner plummeted in importance for men."



Do Nothing For Two Minutes: The Website

Here's a nice break from whatever you're up to.


(PS. When I went to the site again to create this post, it yelled at me for moving the mouse up to copy the URL. Bah ha ha ha!)

Not So Green Green Cleaners

" “green” or "natural" household cleaners aren’t any less toxic than regular ones—and in fact, are sometimes more so."

I'm so glad to see someone saying this in public. Back in the old days, the environmentally conscious folks were ape over Simple Green. In my office alone, there were a few of us who had to make a stink to prevent its usage in our vicinity 'cuz it burned our throats and eyes and made us wheeze. I'm all for being nicer to the environment, but let's do it intelligently. After all, lots of really nasty stuff is 'natural'.


More Than a Chemical Reaction

With the phrase "chemical imbalance" so pervasive in the popular vocabulary, this may come as a surprise...

"Contrary to what is often claimed, no biochemical, anatomical or functional signs have been found that reliably distinguish the brains of mental patients." Elliot Valenstein Ph.D., "Blaming the Brain"


Stunning Paper Dragon

Wow. This guy does beautiful work. Love that dragon!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pitfalls of Introversion

I swear this blogger is in my head or following me around or something...

This is a great article on some of the things we introverts aren't so good at.


Awesome Dollar Bill Origami

These are amazing.


The Procrastination Flowchart

This is hilarious.