Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoot-Em-Up Typing Game

I remember playing a game like this in the early 90s as part of one of those learn-to-type programs. My mother never let me take typing in school 'cuz, "If you can type, some man will decide it's your job." And she was right. I can't count the number of times the lack of typing skills prevented people from demoting me back when I was an editor. One guy even brought me a printout of a paragraph he wanted added to his manuscript. Ummm... I'm working on the paper in TeX on a computer. You typed the paragraph on a computer. Why don't you just email it to me or send me a file? Nope. This was his moment of power. Get revenge on the person who pointed out all of the grammar mistakes by wasting her time. Sigh.

Once I was free of that workplace full of... Well, let's just say the guy mentioned above was typical, and there were hundreds of them there... And it was clear that the computer was going to be key to my career, I found some floppy disks with fun games like this.


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