Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Apples In Your Team Are Expensive

The article is on managers' needs to balance protecting their people with maintaining their own standing. Good advice all around, but I loved this part about the effect of bad apples:

"Research by Will Felps and his colleagues on “bad apples” bolsters this point. They identified three kinds of destructive characters, whom I call deadbeats (“withholders of effort”), downers (who “express pessimism, anxiety, insecurity, and irritation”), and assholes (who violate “interpersonal norms of respect”). Felps estimates that, compared to teams without bad apples, those with just one suffer a performance disadvantage of 30% to 40%. Rotten apples sap time and energy that could be devoted to useful tasks. Their negativity is also contagious—it infects coworkers, turning them into deadbeats, downers, and assholes just like them."


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